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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 17, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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supervisors brought shame on our community. i mean, we've been called the nation's capitol of intolerance. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. from the first local station with news and high definition, this is 9 news now. good morning. welcome to 9 news now. independent's ond ond. >> we have traffic an moment. we begin with the weather. >> davisburg got power back, had wind back from the storm. forgive the lateness. >> you're busy. >> big storms, lots of wind, damage reports all over. kristin fisher is out and has more on that. let's get to the day planner. good news, storms are gone. still a lot of wind today. sunny skies prevail. a few clouds early this morning. one shower up north. generally we are dealing with wind today gusting 30, 40, 50
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miles per hour, highs get up into low to mid-60s. still have the mild there, cooling off today and friday. look at the line of storms coming through the district. fairfax, montgomery county, charles county, see that bow through western charles county? that's a sign we look at on radar as a surge of winds, a bow echo. did im quite a bit of damage in beltway region. it is quickly approaching new york and new jersey. behind it, a wind advisory from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. sustained winds 15 to 30, gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. that's clearly going to be the issue today. temperatures generally running in the 50s. already have winds in oakland and couple better land gusting in the mid-30s. 4:31. angie gof? leaves in the road. >> please be careful. roads are slick because of it.
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we are dealing with the aftermath of the storms. we have a lot going on. 267, dulles toll road, hunter mill, you lose two right lanes because they are trying to repair the overpass at wolf trap. buhl a closed between la ├▒son a and days farm. rhode island between 4th and 12th closed because of downed tree. northwest massachusetts and 34th closed same reasons. virginia and arlington, north george mason drive closed between 10th and washington for the same situation. and buoys, maryland, 197 at old laurel buoys road, more downtown wires in the roadway. and 190 at persimmon also shut down. go to and check out the list of closures before you hit the road. coming up in the next report, focus on the commute in virginia out of 95. back to you.
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as howard told us, the biggest story that happened while you slept is damage from a severe storm that store through the -- tore through the region overnight. >> kristin joins us with what it looks like. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have quite a bit of damage here, so much so that several police officers that we spoke with this morning say that they think this area may have been hit by a small tornado, possibly a small micro burs. no confirmation from national weather service. too premature for that. let me show you what i am talking about. there's a lot of damage here, this is the aj wright. and the roof has really sheered off the top of that building. you can see it has just piled up in front of the entrance to the building. this was a construction area in the parking lot. all of the construction equipment was scattered across this large parking lot.
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and behind this is a post office. hearing reports part of the wall post office has fallen down as well. haven't seen that. check out this tree. you can see how strong the winds were. it is sheered in half. just giving you an idea how powerful this storm was when it hit. and then finally walk with me this way and you'll see this home. look at the roof of this home. you can see it completely sheered off. fortunately, this house was under renovation, nobody was inside the home at the time this storm did indeed hit. it is clearly going to take a lot of cleanup. you can see on the other side of this on rhode island probably a half dozen power crews and police cars trying to restore power, trying to get power lines back up knocked
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down in the storm. this section of rhode island avenue completely closed down, it was a mess getting here. this damage all the way to eastern avenue. that's why a lot of police officers here wonder if it was something more than just some high winds that hit last night. back to you. >> looks like by the look of her hair, winds are still blowing already this morning. thanks. stay with 9 news and our website, we have the latest on storm cleanup process. also look under the weather tab on the front page to see when severe weather threatens the region. police in montgomery county need your help to find a missing teen. take a look at this picture. this is 16-year-old who is mentally challenged. he was last seen yesterday afternoon in 1300 block of forest glen road in silver springs wearing gray jacket, navy blue shirt, khaki pants. he attends school in wheat on, lives in prince georges county.
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if you have any information, call county police. 4:35. a nearly decades old murder mystery could finally end in d.c. superior court. >> talking about the chandra levy case still unsolved after nine years after she disappeared. it rests in the hands of jurors expected to render a verdict as early as today. >> garya lot of evidence was destroyed by nature between the time chandra levy disappeared and the body was discovered in rock creek park a year later. evidence that couldn't be used against ingram him. >> reporter: jurs want to see more. >> they don't like these types of cases. they want hard physical evidence, want pictures, want dna, want fingerprints. >> they want to know absolutely
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that he was there, and the prosecutors can't prove that. so they have to depend on circumstances. he admitted attacking two other women in the park. they testified. and those circumstances sound remarkably similar to what happened to chandra levy. >> reporter: a jail house snitch testified he confessed, but another said he didn't hear that. so still, a circumstantial case. no physical evidence. >> translates usually to findings of reasonable doubt and acquittal. >> reporter: but it is not just any case. this murder of a young woman that became a national obsession. >> in a horrible, horrible murder like this, i think it is fair to say that juries want someone to be punished. >> reporter: the jury gets the case in the morning one way or the other. we should know soon. >> the verdict, whatever it is, will not be the last we hear of that case. gary con dit, the congressman
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with whom she was having an affair is writing a book about the case. new details about the corruption case in prince georges county. >> they are accused of hiring police officers to move and sell untaxed liquor and cigarettes. feds say they recorded conversations in which the couple talked of paying off county officials. a search of their clarksville home allegedly uncovered $400,000 in cash in a closet. new york congressman charlie rangal waiting on details of his punishment after being found guilty of breaking rules in the house. house panel convicted him on 11 ethics violations related to financial statements and fund- raising activities. he faces anything from a letter of reprimand up to sen sure and a fine. they say it is unlikely he will be removed from his congressional seat. holiday traffic. we are days away from start of thanksgiving rush out of town. >> next, a major investment
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firm announces plans to reimburse a number of clients. coming up on 4:39. you're watching 9 news now.
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we have a few sprinkles win chester to they are month, east of washington. day planner for this wednesday features more sunshine. still wind. in fact, a relatively windy, mild day. you will notice noon time temperature at 62. 3:00 p.m., 64, and by 6:58, wind advisory. winds gusting 30, 40, 50 in the mountains. angie goff has traffic. >> smooth sailing from eastern shore on route 50 westbound past 97 towards buoys and beyond. coming up in the next report, a look at the downed trees across the region to avoid that. that's at 4:46. over to you. time for the first your money report of the morning. >> here are today's headlines. i watched the numbers, i thought i wonder if it will it dip below 11. >> stocks have been down four days in a row, got clocked
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again yesterday. latest concerns for the market, concerns over slow down in china and talks about bailout for irish banks. latest selloff took them to the lowest level in a month. dow stands really close to slipping back below 11,000. nasdaq fell, and s & p 500 down 19 and a half. millions of current and former customers of td amer trade could soon get a check from the brokerage. they plan to offer up to $2,500 to people affected by theft of contact information more than 3 years ago. proposed settlement needs approval from a judge and could cost them as much as 6 and a half million dollars. if you want to get in on initial public offering for general motors, may be too late. >> really? >> yeah, believe it or not. source tells the associated press gm banker stopped taking orders yesterday after running
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out of shares to sell. >> what? >> yeah. it is reportedly being expanded 31% to 478 million common shares. final price around $33 a share. >> you can't figure wall street sometimes. you think they are on the brink much disaster. ipo, figure around 20, 25, oh, my goodness. >> if you look at corporate profits, they are up significantly. if you look at what i think investigators have done, they are up 29%. when you factor in rise in stock market, and dividends have been doing well. there is a silent recovery going on. you really see it in stocks, we are not at 14,000 in the dow, close to slipping below 11,000, but we are a lot better than we were. >> i heard internationally we are doing well, foreign investors put noog our stock. >> we need to feel better our self. >> consumer confidence needs a boost. thanks. u.s. soldier receives the highest military honor for his actions on the battle field.
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and several air travelers say they feel violated every time they have to go through security line.
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weather first, hour by hour forecast to help plan your day. >> good thing we do weather first. 4:46. we had winds blow through last night. >> we measured gusts 50, 60 miles per hour. we have damage around the region. kristin fisher is in the northeast. davidsonville,beltway,arlingto n, we know we have pockets of trees down. wind damage, power outages. keep it in mind. angie will have more coming up. we have a lull between winds. more wind coming today. call it partly cloudy. a couple of showers up to the north this morning. otherwise, breezy. temperatures in the 50s. mild and sunup at 6:53, setting at 4:53. day planner for today.
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temperatures at 9:00 in mid- 50s. by noon, low 60s. we top off near 64 today. look at the winds west at 18, west at 19. these are sustained winds. gusts 30, 40, maybe gusting to 50 in the mountains. by 5:00, clear, 61. cooler air moves in tonight and tomorrow. satellite and radar combined, see the big storms last night. from frederick through montgomery county, the district, prince georges. that's a signature wind coming through. this is the damage around brentwood and beltway. they had structure damage as well. this morning, a few sprinkles up north. live doppler hd coming through frederick county. light scattered showers towards harpers ferry, towards perryville, through win chester. this is just sprinkles. give it a couple of hours, it
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will be gone. winds will be what we deal with. talking temperatures, still rather mild. a high of 64 yesterday before midnight. fall into 57 now, 54 in leesburg leesburg. down to the south and east, near 60. still cloudy. south, southwest wind at 13. watch the barometer, below 29.55. if your joints are sensitive to pressure changes, i'm sorry, this is not going to be a comfortable day. high pressure will build in. gives us a pressure change and wind. look to the west. cumberland, maryland wind gust of 45 miles per hour. and that's partly what we are talking about. wind advisory in effect most areas at 9:00 this morning. storm system leaving the east. new one spinning in central plains. this one moving quickly. notice snow on the cold side.
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tomorrow, brings us clouds and maybe a sprinkle. short term, new york or boston this morning, expect delays, especially towards boston as they are being socked with heavy rainfall as the system pulls away. winds through the morning, through the afternoon, and then this evening. we can see the winds pull away with it. 5:00, breezy, high pressure builds in. there are some clouds coming up thursday. next three days, somewhat of a cool down after today. windy, 64. wind advisory, 9:00 to 4:00. thursday, 55, stray chance of a shower. a chilly but sunnier friday. highs only in the low 50s . weekend saturday, penn state hosting indiana at fedex field. a milder day, around 60. cool back to 50 sunday, then warming it up monday and tuesday, back above 60.
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here is angie goff with traffic. >> we are waking up with a lot of storm damage to deal with. it is all mapped out for you. first, start with some on-going problems on 267 headed eastbound. overpass repairs happening near wolf trap area. by hunter mill, losing two right lanes this morning. expect more delays in the area. also as a result of that, buhl a closed between lieu san oh drive and days farm. use trap road or hunter mill as an alternate route. arlington, tree in the roadway, north george mason drive closed between 10th and washington boulevard. in the district, some problems as well. live conditions, this is massachusetts avenue. police on the scene. took this video early. road remains closed between 34th street and 34th place. more downed trees on rhode
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island avenue, closed between 4th and 12th in the northeast quadrant. taking it over to potomac, northbound river road at persimmon tree, more downed trees. 197 at old laurel buoys road. more on the aftermath of the storm and how it is affecting the morning commute at 4:48. back to you. >> thank you. plenty to talk about on the roads. it is a busy thanksgiving travel season, just a week away. >> aaa says more than 42 million people are traveling over the long holiday weekend. that's an 11 and a half percent increase from last year. and most of those people will be on the nation's roads. of those traveling, 94% will go by car. 4% go by air. and the remaining 2% go by rail, bus, or both. >> even boat. if among those of us who will be flying this thanksgiving holiday, flyer beware. you will be subjected to new more detailed screening procedures. >> people aren't happy about
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it. screenings are sparking growing controversy at the nation's airports. several passengers say full body scanners amount to virtual strip search. >> what do travelers think. they caught up with people at dulles international airport to find out. >> reporter: no matter where you fly, prepare for the chance for full body scan. >> i guess i would find that a little invasive. >> reporter: only randomly selected passengers go through the advanced imaging technology. transportation security administration says the scans can detect hidden weapons or explosives. according to new cbs poll, four out of five americans support them. >> this is required. so many accidents, so many things happening these days. >> reporter: here is what you need to know. all body images are viewed in private. the assisting officer can't view the image and the officer viewing the image never sees the passenger. also, all pictures are deleted, never stored or printed.
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>> the alternative might be worse. >> reporter: some travelers are joining a growing number of protesters opting out of full body scans if chosen. they are staging the opt out on one of the busiest travel days of the year, day before thanksgiving. tsa however is not worried. their data shows that number is showing less than 1% of travelers. those that opt out of that are subject to pat down where breasts and private parts will be touched. critics call it nothing more than groping. >> you don't know who you are going to meet. look at the potential to pat you down. >> reporter: here is a low down on pat down. empty pockets, let the officer know of a hidden medical device. they are conducted by officer of same gender, you can request private screening or have a friend stand with you. >> you don't want to go through the scans, don't get on the plane. >> an effort to place limghts on the amount of welfare you can receive dead in the water.
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live doppler 9,000 hd with some showers towards they are month, harpers ferry. perryville, things moving east. that's all that's left today. day planner today. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s by 9:00 on the weather computer. high today, low to mid-60s. watch out for winds. welcome back to 9 news. 4:57. army sergeant that insists he has done nothing heroic was presented with medal of honor yesterday at the white house. he is the first living service member that fought in iraq and afghanistan to receive the nation's highest military honor. in 2007, he was a rifle team leader in afghanistan when the taliban ambushed his squad. he rushed into enemy fire to pull one soldier back to cover, then rescued a second soldier. the white house awarded that medal of honor postures human usually to 7 others that fought
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in iraq and afghanistan. prince william officially engaged. >> popped the question to long time girlfriend, kate middleton last month. >> they kept it a secret until tuesday. >> reporter: they had been talking marriage for years. when prince william finally popped the question to kate middleton. >> it was a total shock when it came, very excited. rmp then he produced the engagement ring, the one his own mother, the late princess diana wore. >> i thought it was quite nice. obviously she is not around to share in fun annex assignment of it all. this is my way of keeping her close to it all. >> i hope i can look after it. it is very, very special. >> reporter: she called princess diana an inspirational woman, says she wishes she could have met her. prince william says he is confident his fiance will do a good job aspirin session. >> no one is trying to fill my mother's shoes. >> reporter: the royal family
4:59 am
knew about the engagement a month. the queen says she is delighted for the couple. william's father charles says he is thrilled. kate's parents can't wait to call the prins family. >> we think he is wonderful and are extremely fond of him. >> reporter: the pair met at saint andrew university in scotland and they became friends and romance blossomed from there there. both have to get used to it now, and as far as the pitter patter of royal feet. >> we will take it one step at a time. we will look at the marriage first, then the kids. obviously we want a family. >> reporter: but that won't happen until after royal wedding bells ring across britain next year. good morning. thank you for watching 9 news at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> mike walter. we have weather and traffic in a moment. we are both busy because of the weat


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